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“When I fished with him in June of last year, his boat was clean and he was prompt and professional. When we had a brief period of bad weather, he took us to shore and waited out the storm and then we went back to fishing when it was safe (and good!). In other words he put in a 10 hour day so we could get ½ day of quality fishing.

Brian is willing to work hard to provide the best chance of a productive day. Needless to say, I promptly re-booked him for the next year when I will travel from California in search of stripers.”

~ Leonard L.


Brian was excellent to deal with from the beginning, before we even booked a trip. We told him what we had in mind and what our schedule was and he recommended some potential dates. He suggested that we leave the date flexible and adjust it according to how the Albie season was shaping up. We really appreciated that – anything to increase our odds of hooking up!

When we met Brian at the boat launch he was very personable and his boat was beautiful, clean and well kept. You could tell right away that he had high quality gear which he took excellent care of.

As they often are, the False Albacore were hard to find at first, so Brian put us in position to land a couple of nice stripers to start the day.

Throughout the day, Brian worked very hard looking for fish, moving to different spots, and planning strategies to increase our odds. Along the way he explained what he was doing and why he was doing it. This was very interesting because it’s always good to learn more about fishing.

Toward the end of the day, Brian asked if we wanted to try another spot, even though we were clearly on the water long enough to constitute a full day of fishing. He wanted us to catch fish as much as we wanted to catch fish!

It’s important for a guide to be able to balance the “work” of finding and catching fish with having fun. I’m sure this balance is different for every client and Brian got it right! We had a great time and did some serious fishing.

Brian Patterson is a very knowledgeable and skilled guide who I would highly recommend to anybody looking to book a fly fishing or light tackle trip in the salt.I look forward to fishing with him again.

~ Mark A.


I had a great day with Brian in hot pursuit of Rhode Island albies, stripers and blues, and the thing I remember the most is that Brian was always working on making the day your best possible day on the water.

~ Bill B.


He is a conscientious and thoughtful guide who maintains his equipment and boat in excellent condition, follows the latest trends in fishing gear and is quite safety conscious.

Better yet, you catch fish with him, and improve your knowledge of the fishery as well. He knows the latest fishing regulations and keeps up on the environmental aspects of the sport.

We have fished with him several times and plan to do so in the future.”

~ Brian T.