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Patterson Guide Service’s goal is to provide you with a Rhode Island or Cape Cod fly fishing or light tackle trip you will never forget!  I will take the necessary steps to ensure that every trip you take with me is enjoyable, educational and of course, full of action.  When you fish with me, you can count on my patient, friendly instruction, enthusiasm and guidance to make every minute count.” - Capt. Brian Patterson
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We’ve been on the water a lot lately!

I guess there comes a time where I have to choose, do I fish or do I write reports. I guess my answer lies in the day. Fishing has been so good that the bookings kept coming and the reports sort of created themselves through or Instagram feed. For those that did not see them,… Read More »

School is Open!

Yes! School size bass are in thick from 18-28 inches all throughout Rhode Island and beyond! The fish are actively feeding and the light tackle/fly fisherman will have a blast tempting these fish with the artificial goods! If you are interested in targeting some fish to bend the long rod or crush some topwater plugs,… Read More »

2020 Updates Coming Soon!

I know I have been delayed on my posts but 2019 was absolutely my busiest season in over a decade thanks to you! Stay tuned for some new updates, added features, new brands and forecast for the season. I know we all have a little time on our hands during this crazy time so I… Read More »

It’s Albie Season!

Bass, Blues, Bonito and now Albies! I would say that the fall run has officially begun! This past weekend we were blessed with the last of the funny fish after what has been an awesome Bonito season. The albies made there way to Newport and are pushing bait agains Rhode Island’s shoreline. Don’t let the… Read More »

Newport and Beyond!

The past few weeks have produced some larger bass in the mid 30 pound range with the occasional 40+ mixed in. School stripers have started their blitzing mid day and well into the late afternoon. Blues have also found their summer home! Black Sea bass have been huge this year and make great action, even… Read More »