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We’ve been on the water a lot lately!

I guess there comes a time where I have to choose, do I fish or do I write reports. I guess my answer lies in the day. Fishing has been so good that the bookings kept coming and the reports sort of created themselves through or Instagram feed. For those that did not see them, please check us out at @pattersonguideservice!

With that said, Newport has been really good lately even with the warm temps. The early bird gets the worm is not just a saying but a reality. We are usually the first ones on the water and time it out with the tides to usually make one hell of a sunrise situation. I have been focusing on mostly topwater and fly fishing and the bite has been phenomenal. Executive Charters are almost the way to go especially on weekends when the crowds roll in. Don’t forget that I can customize any trip to meet your needs!

Striper fishing has been great. Topwater (when the trolling guys are not around) has been better than watching NatGeo! We have also jigged several bass with Hogy epoxy jigs and FishSnax Albie Snax.

Big blues are working the area as well and have made for some sore arms! Don’t forget to swap out your treble hooks for single inline hooks (and frequently especially if you see any rust).

Sea Bass have closed out many of days for those that want some food for the table. Just make sure you tell me in advance if this is part of your plans so I can pack the ice so the meat is as fresh as possible for you!

Tight lines,
Capt. Brian