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Memorable week in the Upper Bay

It has been a solid week of fishing! Bass have been feeding on the massive schools of bait that have infiltrated the upper bay. Timing is everything as we have strategically had to start and stop trips based upon the feeding habits of the magnificent striper. They have been finicky at times, requiring methods that had to be tweaked each step of the way to get the lines tight. With teamwork and spending every day on the water, we were able to prove success on each and every trip this week.
It was a memorable week with trips that had a lot of meaning. It truly reminded me why I love to guide and run charters. It proved once again that fishing can be a cure for rough patches in life, shedding light on what can be good in this crazy world. It shows that a simple fish can bring a smile to your face when you didn’t think it was possible. It instills good memories during a time of ones you would rather never experience. It also proved to be a week of memories that will last a lifetime – one where a young man was able to catch his first every striper while fishing and sharing time with his father.
As we approach the middle of June, things start to get fast and furious. It is historically the best fishing of the upper bay season and the fish tend to be bigger. We were able to get fish in the upper 20 lb mark this week (28 pounds by Cole Skinner in the photo in this review -also the young lad I spoke of earlier).