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It’s Albie Season!

Bass, Blues, Bonito and now Albies! I would say that the fall run has officially begun! This past weekend we were blessed with the last of the funny fish after what has been an awesome Bonito season. The albies made there way to Newport and are pushing bait agains Rhode Island’s shoreline.

Don’t let the weather stop you (unless it is unsafe of course) because we found them feeding aggressively in all conditions! Sunny – yup. Rainy – you know it. East wind with Gale warnings – got two more!
The bass and blues are still feeding like crazy as well and they are even still in the upper bay! There is no need to join the crowds on the water, if anything, it is the worst thing you can do! Go find your own working birds and breaking fish, you will be glad you did as the bite will last longer and so will your enjoyment.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Brian